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Remodeling and renovation services pune

To know the cost of remodeling or renovation of house is the first most important activity before you hammer the wall. If the budgeting goes wrong you will land up in tricky situation.  At decormyplace we have experience of more than 100 renovation projects so cost estimation is almost right every time. Our execution team thoroughly plans the project and find out the ways to reuse the existing material to control the budget. Renovation execution team with their experience help our clients to identify the challenges of the project and avoid any expensive mistake like accident or mistakes in electrical and plumbing.

Sliding windows, electrical wirings, wooden furniture, doors and old granites of kitchen platform, mirrors and glasses in good condition can always be reused during remodeling or renovation of your house.  Our remodeling or renovation methodology involves listing down of all the items which can be reused, listing down the risk factors involved, right sequencing of the activities, time estimation for each activity and then start of work.

At decormyplace safety always comes first, to achieve the highest level of safety we do meticulous planning and take all the possible steps to mitigate those risks. Owing to various corporation rules and regulations day by day renovation is becoming challenging, so we must consider all the laws related to breaking of structure, debris clearance policies etc.

Recognizing the detailed requirement during the designing phase is utmost important, we deploy 2-3 designers on renovation project depending of the size of the project. Designing team discusses all the requirements of the client, their future needs, their colour choices, material choices and many more details. Team will first work out the furniture layout and then start work on 3D designing. If client demands we provide vastu shatra expert on demand.

Renovation project involves lot of discussion around tiling, granites, marbles, sanitary fittings, CP fittings, various types of stones, patio gardening, exterior decorative panels, modern lighting, claddings etc.

Water proofing of the old construction is highly critical area to address, if there is slight leakage that would going to create huge problem in future for the whole property. For bathroom renovation we fill the water before tiling at least for 5-6 days and check all the possible leakages.

Electrification and plumbing both are quite expensive jobs and there is need to thoroughly evaluate if the existing wires can be reused, the wrong analysis can lead to fatal accidents in future. 

With our vast experience of renovation projects we will be able to play a very vital role of your trusted renovation partner with the difference. Thorough risks analysis, reuse of all the possible resources and adherence to compliances to deliver trendy modern designer house will be the key take away.

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